how we review

Our central goal for Registration Required is to provide readers with candid fitness reviews to help you decide what classes fit your lifestyle. Our reviews have 10 separate sections. We break it down below:

  • Studio’s Description

    • Self-explanatory, but it’s the studio’s own description of themselves. Very meta.

  • Price

    • The price per class for first timers and returners. Price usually varies by city.

  • Equipment + Format

    • The list of equipment you’ll need to bring to class and the equipment the studio provides, rents, or sells.

    • The format of the particular class, usually in time breakdown. More or less- a “what to expect”.

  • Classpass?

    • Whether or not the class is offered on Classpass.

  • Hard AF?!

    • Our sincere review on whether the class was f**king HARD or whether it’s a walk in the park.

  • Sweat Level

    • How much you’ll sweat:

      • 1 drop= you can go get drinks with friends after class and your friends won’ t be grossed out.

      • 2 drops= you worked up a glow, but you can still do some shopping before heading home to shower.

      • 3 drops= you’re sweating. You’ll definitely need to shower promptly and rinse your hair (bc it’s sweat wet).

      • 4 drops= you’re soaking in sweat- for some people this means their workout clothes are drenched too. Find me a shower STAT.

  • Vibe

    • Our take on the studio’s general ambiance including the space, music, and instructors.

  • Book Again

    • Would we take the class again?

  • Class Offerings

    • The studio’s list of class offerings.