AIR - Foundation

Aerial hammocks at AIR fitness class in Chicago.


AIR® is an aerial fitness program fusing elements of conditioning, Pilates, ballet and HIIT on aerial hammocks. The foundation class is 50-min beginner class to work alignment and some beginner moves on the hammocks. Despite being low-impact, this class still feels like a workout and you will leave with a slight sweat.


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  • Classpass: ✅


  • Fitness clothes (no shoes or socks).

  • Studios will provide mats for free.

  • The entire class utilizes the fabric hammock in some way.

  • This class felt similar to a TRX class with some aerial yoga thrown in. You will be working your core!

  • Exercises are done both on and off the floor (think plank holds with your feet extended in the hammock, tuck jumps holding the hammock, and some upside down crunches hanging in the hammock…eeek!


 Hard AF?!

  • Hard, but not impossible. The hardest part is getting used to the fabric hammock and being comfortable flipping upside down.

  • There will be short burts of higher intensity work (eg. 20 seconds of tuck jumps).

  • Overall this is a lower-intensity class.

Sweat Level: 💧💧


  • $30 per class.

  • Memberships and packages are available.



  • The studios are simple, light and airy!

  • Lockers, bathrooms; no showers.

Classified Information

  • Your hands will hurt after class from holding onto the fabric - this will take some time getting used to.

  • AIR requires you have at least 3-5 foundation classes under your belt before moving on to the standard AIR class. Word on the street is you do some pretty intense aerial fitness acrobatics in that class.

  • At the end of class, the instructor practices one aerial yoga move (non-fitness). This was fun because you get to re-live your childhood dreams of becoming a cirque du soleil aerial dancer….anyone??

Book Again?

Maybe. I felt really clumsy on the hammock - but its clear this class has a loyal following.

AIR Class Offerings

  • AIR Foundation: 50 min beginner class.
  • AIR: 50 min intense aerial fitness training class fusing elements of conditioning, Pilates, ballet and HIIT on aerial hammocks (must take 3-5 AIR Foundation classes before taking AIR).
  • AIR Core: 30 min ab focused class using the hammocks. (New clients should take at least 1 AIR Foundation class before AIR Core)
  • AIR Flow: 50 min mixed-level flow class linking movements and power postures with the breath and hammock.