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A 60 min low-intensity workout utilizing small toning movements at the barre with lots of reps. Each class has an arm, leg, glute, and core section. Get ready to squeeze, hold, shake, and sweat in this low-impact class making you sore in those weird spots the next day...but that's what you come for!


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  • Classpass: ✅


  • Fitness clothes + grippy socks.

  • Class is done without shoes on a carpeted floor.

  • Most of class is done at the barre, where you’ll do strong-but-subtle movements that works hard to reach places.

  • A standard class will always start with arm work/push-ups in the center, followed by a leg/butt sequence at the barre, and then a core section on the floor.

  • Most of the class is bodyweight, but sometimes equipment is used, like the semi-deflated rubber ball to put in between your thighs while doing barre work.


Hard AF?!

  • Hard, but doable. After class, you’ll feel like you got a solid workout. My legs always end up shaking at one point in class… oh yes!

  • Low-impact, low-intensity, but you will be sore in some weird places the next day.

  • Requires a commitment to see results.  

Sweat Rating: 💧💧


  • First timers: $20 per class

  • Returners: $30 per class, but Bar Method is always running deals and they offer class packs.


  • Spa-like and calming.

  • Lockers (with key included), showers and towels available.

  • Super chipper insrtuctors.

Classified Information

  • Classes are always open online to sign up.

  • Must have socks on in order to take class.

  • During class, the instructors will encourage people by name (not my favorite, but some people like it).

  • Although their website does state that men are of course welcome in class, I’ve never seen one in the wild.  If you’re a guy, grab some socks, a spot at the barre, and meet some ladies!

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Bar Method Class Offerings

  • Bar Method - 60 min standard class.
  • Bar Express - 45 min standard class.
  • Bar Advanced - 60 min elevated version of the standard Bar Method class - 20 standard classes are required prerequisite.
  • Bar Move - 60 min fast-paced, full-body workout to keep heart rate up - 20 standard classes are required prerequisite.