Beast Fitness Evolved - Unleash

Studio at Beast Fitness Evolved in Park Slope.


Beast Fitness Evolved is a high intensity interval workout in Park Slope that tests your cardio and strength abilities set to live DJ sets.


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  • Classpass: ✅


  • Fitness clothes + sneakers.

  • 60 mins.

  • Ten min warm up (i.e. “Awaken”).

  • 40 mins of circuits (i.e. “Unleash”): there are four stations in the room. Each station typically has six exercises (split into two groups of three exercises). At your station, you’ll do two rounds of the first group of three exercises (i.e. exercise 1: 45 secs, exercise 2: 30 secs, and exercise 3: 45 secs) and then two rounds of the second group of three exercises. Once that’s done, which takes eight mins, you’ll move with your group to the next station, until you complete all four stations in full.

  • 60 sec cardio burst in between stations.

  • Ten mins of core work and stretches (i.e. “Tame”).

  • Exercises are a mix of strength and cardio moves, w weights or equipment. Think curtsy squats w an overhead press, Versa Climbers, sit ups w a weighted bag, and rows using the elastic TRX bands attached to the wall.  

  • All of the exercises in your station are displayed on clear and visible TV screens.


Hard AF?!

  • Hard! A true, challenging HIIT workout.

  • Class speeds by bc you’re constantly moving around the room and doing different exercises.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧💧


  • First Timers: $34 buy one class get one free.

  • Returners: $34 per class.

  • Beast offers packages to decrease the per class rate.



  • Great vibe and branding.

  • Studio is large and clean.

  • The lower level houses the lockers, showers, and Tame room.

  • Employees are super cool and welcoming. Instructors are experienced and helpful.

  • Live DJs for certain classes. Music is current and a good volume.

  • Cool artwork.

Classified Information

  • Space can be limiting if the class is full. I stepped on guy twice while we were both trying to do our respective exercises.

  • The lockers are in an open shared space (w automatic locks) and the showers are located in private rooms with toilets.

  • Booking a reserved spot online doesn’t really matter- you stand wherever you want when you get there.

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Beast's Class Offerings

  • Unleash: 60 mins HIIT workout.
  • Tame: 45 mins low key restorative class.
  • Unleash Core: 45 mins HIIT workout focused on the abdominals.