BFX Build



NYSC Lab’s BFX Build class is a challenging, but doable strength-focused workout which takes you through various intervals and sets. Perfect for all levels.


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  • Fitness clothes and sneakers.

  • 50 mins.

  • A typical class has four sets: (i) five strength exercises done for one min each - three times through, (ii) three core exercises done for one min each - once through, (iii) five strength exercises done for one min each - three times through, and (iv) three core exercises done for thirty secs each - twice through.

  • Examples of exercises: squat to curl to shoulder press with weights, TRX rows, presses, and triceps, squat thrusts w/ a high row w/ a kettlebell, chest presses.

  • Typical equipment used: weights (heavy and medium), TRX, kettlebell, gliders, and a mat.


Hard AF?!

  • Challenging, but can make it as hard or easy as you’d like by using different weights.

  • All levels can do this class w/ adjustments.

  • The instructor isn’t as strict w/ the interval timing so you can easily miss some time of the exercise.

  • Basic exercises, but allows you to focus and push.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧


  • First Timers: Email for free trial.

  • Returners: $20 per class for NYSC members, $32 per class for non-members..

  • NYSC Lab also offers packages that reduce the per class price and they also offer unlimited classes per week/month.



  • Studio is clean and basic (not in a bad way).

  • Equipment feels new.

  • The teachers are knowledgeable and encouraging.

  • Music could be better and louder.

  • Energy could be more hyper.


Classified Information

  • The class is in the BFX is one studio room of the NYSC Lab. Located on the space’s  main floor.

  • They don’t let people in the studio until about one min before class starts.

  • Shares a lobby and locker room with Cyc Cycling and Stoked.

  • Locker rooms, showers, and lockers w/ automatic locks are located on lower level.

Book Again?

Yes, to switch up my strength routine.


NYSC Lab's Class Offerings

  • BFX Burn - 50 min cardio focused class.
  • BFX Build - 50 min strength focused class.
  • BFX PTC Endure - 60 min cardio focused class.
  • BFX PTC Lift - 60 min strength focused class.
  • BFX Restore - 60 min foam rolling and stretching class.
  • B3 - a 60 min cardio + strength HIIT class based to the beat of the music.

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