BK Pilates

Main studio at BK Pilates.


BK Pilates is a casual low intensity pilates workout on the reformer in bright, airy studios.


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  • Classpass: ✅


  • Fitness clothes + grippy socks (optional).

  • 45 mins.

  • Choose your own reformer.

  • The class is very fluid and changes every time you take it. For example:

  • Ten mins of glute work, think foot strap on foot, laying on platform on your side, doing leg lifts.  

  • Ten mins of arms, think kneeling on bench, adding springs, and pulling straps behind you for tricep work.

  • Eight mins of inner thigh work.

  • Fifteen mins more of leg work.

  • Five min cool down ended the class.


Hard AF?!

  • Sneaky hard.  

  • You probably won’t sweat, but your body will be jelly afterwards.  

  • Learning curve for the reformer, but it’s not hard.

  • Form is challenging- focus on discipline and control.

Sweat Level: 💧


  • First Timers: Email info@bkpilates.com for first timer offers.

  • Returners: $40 per class.

  • BK Pilates offers packages to decrease the per class rate.


  • Airy with color palettes of whites, grays, and neutrals. Plants everywhere.

  • The reformers, themselves, are pretty too. They’re out in the open on one side of the studio, so beware, if anyone’s waiting for the next class, they will watch you.

  • Laid back studio.

  • Music is soft and not the focus.


Classified Information

  • The reformer: it’s more or less a flat bench machine, where the bench moves back and forth. The ease of which the bench moves back and forth is determined by the number of springs you hook onto the machine (i.e. more springs means the bench is harder to move).

  • Instructor usually lets the class choose which body parts to focus on.

  • No mics on the instructor which can make it hard to hear.

  • No showers and no locker rooms.

  • Lockers in lobby require locks. Shared bathroom in building. No water fountain.

Book Again?

Yes, for sure.


BK Pilates' Class Offerings

  • Reformer All Levels: 60 min pilates reformer.
  • Reformer Express: 45 min pilates reformer.
  • Reformer Level I: 60 min focused on basics and form on pilates reformer.
  • Reformer Level II: 60 min intermediate to advanced pilates reformer.
  • Reformer Level II Express: 45 mins intermediate to advanced pilates reformer.
  • Women Only: 60 min (self-explanatory).