Bout Fight Club - Bout, Box, & Abs

Two men boxing at Bout Fight Club in FiDi.


Bout is an intimate and heavy cardio-based boxing and conditioning class focused both on and off the bag.


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  • Fitness clothes + sneakers.

  • 60 mins.

  • Every boxer needs (i) wraps (Bout sells) and (ii) boxing gloves (rent for free).

  • Five min warm up of cardio exercises, think squat jumps, jumping jacks.

  • Seven mins of shadowboxing.

  • Ten mins of boxing (w gloves), taking turns punching the instructor’s padded mitts.

  • Ten mins of toning/strength moves with 5lb weights on the floor w/o gloves.

  • Ten mins of cardio/interval/boxing drills on the floor, think jumping jacks, then punching the instructor who’s wearing a protective body pad.

  • Ten mins of intense boxing on the bag.

  • Ten mins of abs.

Hard AF?!

  • Difficult.

  • Heavy cardio bursts thta are tough.

  • You will get periodical rest during the class, because some of the drills are done one person at a time.

  • By the time you get to the bag you’ll be exhausted.


Sweat Level:  💧💧💧💧💧



  • First Timers: $35 buy one get one class free.

  • Returners: $35 per class.

  • Bout offers packages to decrease the per class rate.


  • Bout’s studio is on the first floor of an unassuming building in FiDi.

  • The space is small- it has one studio for classes, a lobby (i.e. hallway), and two locker rooms made with fake walls.

  • The studio has eight bags hanging from the ceiling on one side.

  • Bout has a lot of fitness equipment along the walls, like heavy ropes, speed bags, weights, etc.

  • New and clean.

  • Evenly split male/female.

  • Instructors are experienced and motivating, but they don’t teach technique.

  • Music is not the focus-can’t really hear it.  

Classified Information

  • No showers.

  • Bring your own lock for lockers.

  • Bring a full bottle of water bc there’s no water fountain, but Bout sells water bottles.

  • Pay attention, instructors don’t wear mics. If you aren’t listening, you’ll miss a combo.  

  • Limited to 15 people per class.

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Bout Fight Club's Class Offerings

  • HIIT Boxing: 60 min high intensity, interval cardio and boxing
  • Bout, Box & ABS: 60 min high intensity boxing, cardio, and abs.
  • Personal Training.
  • Kid Classes.