CBXT is a full body classic HIIT workout located in a downstairs studio inside the Complete Body fitness center. Expect intervals and circuits using lots of different equipment.


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  • Fitness clothes + sneakers.

  • 45 min class.

  • 6 station intervals.

  • Typical class: Two moves at each station. Each move is done for 45 secs w/ 15 sec rest twice through, and then on to the second move which is also done for 45 secs w/ 15 sec rest twice through. And then move onto next station!

  • Example exercises: TRX flys, high knee sprints, burpees, step ups holding a weighted ball, rowing, planks to pikes, wall sits, kettlebell swings.

  • Abs and a stretch section at the end.


Hard AF?!

  • Difficult in the best way possible. None of the moves are impossible, but everything is challenging enough.

  • All levels can excel.

  • Class flies by bc you’re moving around the stations so much.

  • Truly full body and a great mix of cardio, strength, and toning.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧💧


  • First Timers: Free first class (yeehaw!).

  • Returners: $35 per class.

  • CBXT offers packages that reduce the per class price and they also offer monthly unlimited classes.



  • Clean, but small, basement studio space.

  • Instructors are motivating, informative, inclusive.

  • Lots of different equipment.

  • All levels here. You will not feel awkward if you’re a beginner.

Classified Information

  • The studio is located in the Complete Body fitness center (i.e. a gym). You’ll find the studio downstairs, but you’ll have to check in at the gym’s front desk first.

  • When booking, it says there’s an option for a heart monitor, but I was never asked if I’d like one.

  • Showers, locker rooms, and lockers w automatic locks.


Book Again?

Yeah, quick and dirty HIIT class, but wish class size was smaller or space was bigger.


CBXT's Class Offerings

  • CBXT - 45 min signature class.

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