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A 60 min high intensity, challenging boxing workout (heavier on the cardio than the boxing) set in an underground no nonsense boxing gymnasium.


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  • Fitness clothes, sneakers, wraps, & gloves.

  • Church Street offers complimentary gloves, but bring your own wraps or buy for $10.

  • 60 mins.

  • High intensity boxing class.

  • A typical class: (i) 15 mins of cardio warm up (e.g. jumping jacks, push ups (no knees), burpees, squat jumps, stair runs, (ii) 15 mins of wall sit while shadowboxing (no gloves), (iii) 10 mins partner work w/ gloves on, (iv) 15 mins bag work w/ gloves, (v) 5 mins cardio finishers.

  • No stretching before or after.

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Hard AF?!

  • Very challenging.

  • The class is heavy on the cardio drills and calisthenics. Most people were slowing down after awhile.

  • The non-boxing exercises are done for longer than you think necessary…for instance, we did squat jumps for probably around 2-3 mins.

  • Instructors do their own thing (i.e. they don’t stick to “30 secs left” promises).

  • The class tests your endurance and pushes you.

  • Boxing portions are good, but not enough time on the bag.

  • Partner work is totally partner-dependent (which is a dislike).

  • You will be sore afterwards.

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Sweat Level: 💧💧💧💧


  • First Timers: Free.

  • Returners: $30 per class.

  • Church Street also offers memberships.

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  • Very “old school”. The space has a ring in the middle of it and there are private lessons going on during class.

  • There’s not so much a “studio” space - the class sets up at one end of the large underground gymnasium.

  • Don’t expect Malin & Goetz or Kiehls products - this is a bare bones boxing gym. You’re there to box, not take selfies (sorry tho, I took one…).

  • Instructors are intense. For instance, the one I had most recently didn’t allow knees when doing push ups and also threatened us w/ 100 burpees if we didn’t complete our stairs fast enough.

  • Music is great, but not the focus of class.

Classified Information

  • Grungy gym, but it feels right.

  • If you use Church Street’s complimentary gloves, don’t expect clean and fresh ones. They’re definitely used by other people w/o washes in between.

  • Mostly men (but that doesn’t mean most of those men knew what they were doing…).

  • There are showers and lockers (bring your own lock).

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Yep. For a very challenging cardio + boxing workout.


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