Conbody is a strictly bodyweight functional fitness class. Expect calisthenics and intervals. Each day of the week has a different focus, like lower body, upper body, full body, etc.


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  • Fitness clothes + bare feet or socks.

  • 60 mins(ish). Can be shorter.

  • The class is typically 5-7 rounds of different bodyweight exercises w/ each round repeated twice through. 

  • Format is instructor-dependent, but generally: (i) 7 min warm up (jacks, high knees, butt kicks), (ii) 5-7 rounds of various bodyweight cardio and toning exercises, and (iii) 5-7 min cool down. 

  • Example exercises: tricep push ups, lunges, jump squats, burpees, planks, russian twists.


Hard AF?!

  • Very challenging despite there being no equipment.

  • Expect to work out your entire body.

  • A lot of calisthenics and drills which really burn out your muscles.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧💧


  • First Timers: $20 per class or $45 for three classes.

  • Returners: $26 per class. 

  • Packages and memberships are available to lower the "per class" price.

  • Online workouts also available.



  • Minimal and no-nonsense.

  • Welcoming reception and instructors.

  • Def has a regular following. 

  • Prison”-themed, but not in a weird way.

  • Educational. Conbody has informational artwork around the lobby that illustrates how problematic the prison system is in the USA.


Classified Information

  • Coss Marte, the founder of ConBody, created the workout while serving a prison sentence. He had no access to equipment so he made it work. 

  • Conbody hires formerly incarcerated individuals to teach fitness classes. This is super cool.

  • Great class to take on the road w/ you if you’re traveling and don’t have access to equipment.

  • Two separate unisex showers available.

  • Bring your own locks for the lockers.

Book Again?

Absolutely! A great challenge w/o any distractions and I love their mission.


Conbody's Class Offerings

  • Manic Monday - 60 min higher intensity full body class.
  • Tough Love Tuesday - 60 min higher intensity full body class.
  • Lockdown Wednesday - 60 min lower body-focused class.
  • Hard Core Thursday - 60 min core-focused class.
  • Full Body Friday - 60 min full body class.
  • Super Set Saturday - 60 min full body super set class.