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Corepower yoga sculpt studio in Chicago


CorePower Yoga Sculpt: Where namaste meets namaslay. CorePower’s yoga 60 min sculpt combines yoga and strength-training with a sprinkle of cardio in a 93 degree room. This class works the entire body leaving you refreshed and drenched.


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  • Classpass: ✅


  • Mat required (you can rent one)

  • YOU WILL SWEAT - the room is heated to 90-93 degrees.

  • Sculpt starts with a “yoga-ish” warm-up and quickly transitions to a weighted workout incorporating yoga moves with traditional strength exercises.

  • Short bursts of cardio included.

 Hard AF?!

  • Challenging - especially due to the heat (this takes a few sessions to get used to).

  • The class doesn’t have a ton of cardio, but your heart rate will still elevate because of the heat.


Sweat Level: 💧💧💧💧💧


  • First Timer: A week free of unlimited classes (take advantage of this!)

  • Returner: $26 per class.

  • Unless you’re at a New York location, you don’t need a reservation for our classes – drop in baby!


  • The studios are “earthy” and plain, which mismatches the vibe of the upbeat, pop jamming sculpt class.

  • The teachers are knowledgeable and class flow is, for the most part, standard from teacher to teacher.

  • Lockers (no locks - bring your own), bathrooms, and showers (must rent towels).


Classified Information

  • Free mat and towel rental for first-timers.

  • You will be soaked head to toe after class.

  • Recommend having a lighter and heavier set of weights during class.

  • Highly recommend taking a beginner non-heated yoga class before you take sculpt so you have some idea of the poses if you are new to yog – try out CorePower Yoga 1.  

  • Popular classes are packed mat to mat, which means lots of sweaty neighbors.

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CorePower's Class Offerings

  • CorePower Yoga 1: Unheated; beginner friendly.
  • CorePower Yoga 1.5: 85-90 degrees; beginner friendly.
  • CorePower Yoga 2: 95-98 degrees; yoga experience is a plus.
  • CorePower Yoga 3: 95-98 degrees; yoga experience required.
  • CoreCardio Circuit (only at certain locations): Unheated; beginner friendly (combines strength training with HIIT).
  • CorePower Sculpt: 90-93 degrees; yoga experience is a plus.
  • Hot Power Fusion: 98-100 degrees; beginner friendly.
  • Hot Yoga: 100-103 degrees; yoga experience is a plus.
  • CoreRestore: Unheated; beginner friendly.