Cycle X Studio

Cycle X cycling studio in West loop, Chicago.


If Soulcycle and Flywheel had a spin baby, Cycle X would be it. Cycle X is a 45 min high-intensity spin class that combines ryhythm riding with personal performance-tracking metrics and an upper-body sculpting section guaranteeing a full-body workout and sweat.


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  • Classpass: ✅


  • Fitness clothes + spin shoes (they provide complimentary shoes!)

  • Each bike will be fitted with dumbbells for your arm workout and your own personal performance tracking device that monitors your stats in real time.

  • The format class to class is similar, but instructors choose their own song lists and drills.

Hard AF?!

  • High-intensity spin class.

  • Cardio heavy -lots of intervals, hills, and endurance drills with ~1 song geared to upper body exercises.

  • Minor choreography used - think tap-backs on the bike.

Cycle X-bikes-spin-studio-Chicago

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧💧💧


  • First Timers: $15 per class or 10 day unlimited for $39.

  • Returners: $25 per class.

  • Packages available.


  • The space is larger, white and blue tones.

  • The instructors are super nice and energetic.

  • The spin room is dark, and the instructors will use various lighting schemes during class.

  • Lockers, bathrooms, and showers. 

Cycle X-lockers-studio-Chicago

Classified Information

  • The class schedule is released at 5 pm every Sunday for the following 8 days.

  • Each bike comes suited with our own personal metric performance calculator that shows real- time stats (RPMs, total workload, etc) & rank in class - this was not stressed as much as in Flywheel.

  • This class felt like a mix of SoulCycle rhythm riding, with some RPM stat check-ins that mimic-ed Flywheel.

  • The owners apparently came form Flywheel, but my instructor was a former SoulCycle employee = best of both worlds!

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Cycle X Studio Class Offerings

  • Cycle X: 45 min signature spin class.
  • Xpress: 30 min spin class ($15/class).
  • Cycle X Flow: Combines 30 min of cycling with 30 min of athletic yoga.