Dynamo (Paris)

Dynamo cycle studio in Paris, France.


A 45 min high-intensity cardio spin class with a some muscle-sculpting arm work. This is a rhythm based class so there are no gauges on the spin bikes. This place is the SoulCycle of Paris.


  • Fitness clothes + spin shoes (mine were free of charge!)

  • Each bike will be fitted with a set of weights and a towel.

  • The format class was very similar to SoulCycle - lots of intervals and endurance drills - with choreo like tap backs and push-ups on the bike.

  • One section of class devoted to an upper body workout on the bike with weights.


Hard AF?!

  • High-intensity spin class.

  • Cardio - lots of intervals and endurance drills.

  • You will sweat.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧💧


  • New Riders: 10 € per class.

  • Returners: 27 € per class.

  • Packages available.


  • The space is sleek, crisp with white and orange colors.

  • The spin room is dark and they even light candles (like SoulCycle).

  • The music is loud and was mix of English pop songs and French songs.

  • Keyless lockers, bathrooms, and showers.


Classified Information

  • They offer classes in English - look for the class titled Dynamo VO.

  • No gauges on the spin bikes –you ride to the rhythm of the song.

  • The bikes did not seem to ride as smoothly as those used at SoulCycle.

Book Again?


Dynamo Class Offerings

  • Dynamo: 45 min standard class.
  • Dynamo VO: 45 min standard class in English.
  • Dynamo Encore: 60 min version of the standard class.
  • Dynamo Hero: 90 min version of the standard class.
  • Dynamo Esprit: 45 min standard dynamo session plus 15 min of stretching exercises inspired by yoga - class 60 min in total.