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Exhale’s HIIT class is a challenging high intensity interval class that moves you through a handful of different stations of varying exercises and difficulty. Expect cardio bursts and strength/toning moves. Sneakers required.


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  • Fitness clothes + sneakers.

  • 50 mins.

  • The class is comprised of 6-8 stations set up around the studio w/ different equipment. At each station, there are two different exercises. 

  • For the first round, you’ll do one min of exercise A at your starting station and then one min of exercise B at the same station, with little rest in between. Then you’ll do 30 secs of exercise A at the same station and 30 secs of exercise B at the same station. After those intervals are complete, you’ll move to the next station until you’ve completed the full circuit (i.e. the 6-8 stations).

  • For the second round, you’ll do ~25 secs of exercise A and 25 secs of exercise B at each station and you’ll move to the next station until you’ve completed the full circuit again.

  • The class starts w/ a short cardio warm up and ends with abs. 

  • Example equipment: resistance bands, TRX bands, medicine balls, gliders, dumbbells.


Hard AF?!

  • Yeah! The class moves fast, so you’re always on the go. 

  • The exercises are of varying difficulty- some are more challenging than others. 

  • IMO - too short of rest time in between stations. Bc you have to move so fast to the next station and set yourself up, you lose a good chunk of actual exercise time sometimes (maybe a plus for some people? haha).

  • Great for all levels.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧



  • First Timers: N/A.

  • Returners: $37 per class.

  • Packages and memberships are available to lower the "per class" price.


  • Clean and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Not really as “cool” as some other studios. The decor is a bit outdated.

  • Experienced instructors who are good at what they do.


Classified Information

  • Lots of locations and many studios have an attached spa.

  • This class is a great option when you just want to get a solid sweat, but not dieeee during class.

  • There are showers and lockers with automatic locks.

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Yeah, for a quick and dirty cardio option.


Exhale's Class Offerings

  • Barre- 60 min classic barre class.
  • Barre + Cardio- 60 mins cardio interval and barre class.
  • HIIT- 45 min cardio interval class using equipment.
  • HIIT30 - 30 min cardio interval class using mostly body weight.
  • Power Yoga-60 min power, athletic yoga.
  • Cardio Blast - 45 mins of cardio intervals.
  • Flow Yoga - 60 min classic yoga class.
  • Core Yoga- 60 min core-focused yoga class.
  • Chill Yoga- 60 min low key yoga class.