Fhitting Room - FHIX



Fhitting Room is a high intensity interval training studio in NYC that tests your cardio, strength, and endurance. You will sweat, you will be exhausted, and you will be sore.


  • Fitness clothes + sneakers.

  • 50 mins.

  • Two instructors in main studio (one in FHITpit).

  • Format is typically: (i) Warm Up, (ii) Pre-FHIX (like a higher intensity warm up), (iii) Circuit, and (iv) FHIX.

  • Warm Up, think: jumping jacks, squats, and squat thrusts 20 secs each, three times.

  • Pre-FHIX, think: right side plank, left side plank, jack knives, and a hollow hold, 20 secs each, three times.

  • Circuit (break into groups), think: four stations of (i) (A) high row pulls and (B) plank reaches, (ii) (A) spinning and (B) oblique crunches, (iii) (A) weighted step ups and (B) rows, and (iv) (A) triceps on TRX and (B) squats w bands. One min of (A) exercise, then ten secs rest, then one min of (B) exercise, one time through.

  • FHIX, think: eight kettlebell snatches, eight kettlebell squats, and eight kettlebell overhead presses, six mins on repeat w three burpees at the top of each min (whew!).

Hard AF?!

  • Very challenging.

  • At first, it doesn’t seem so bad bc some of the exercises are slower with heavier weights, but if you’re pushing yourself in both weight and speed, this class is a killer.

  • Consists of unique exercises, which can be intimidating, but the instructors are helpful with form.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧💧💧


  • First Timers: $38 buy one class get one free.

  • Returners: $38 per class.

  • Fhitting Room offers packages that reduce the per class price and they also offer unlimited classes per week/month.


  • Fhitting Room has a distinct brand. Their colors (green and black) cover their studios.

  • Clean, well planned, and spacious (for NYC standards).

  • Front desk and instructors are welcoming and informative.

  • Creates a safe studio space instead of an intimidating one.

  • Balanced ratio of women to men.

  • Showers and great products.

Classified Information

  • Book early on Classpass to avoid high credit fees.

  • Look up! Your reserved numbered spot is on the ceiling.

  • Build in time for shower wait time. Shower turnover is slow bc there are no locker rooms (only shower rooms).

  • Do the harder station of the circuit first, not last.

Book Again?

Hell, yes.


Book Me

  • Classpass: ✅

Fhitting Room Class Offerings

  • Signature FHIX: “Functional High-Intensity Mix”- 50 min strength/cardio circuit training class.
  • FHITpit: Same as the Signature FHIX class, but in the smaller basement studio with 10 spots (only in Flatiron).
  • FHIXtreme: 50 min extreme version of Signature FHIX (requires, at least, 10 Signature FHIX classes).
  • FHITkids: 50 min children's class (ages 9-12, only in UES and UWS).

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