FitReserve is multi-studio class membership platform that gives you a specific allotment of classes per month (all classes are equal) depending on your membership tier.



  • FitReserve serves New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Chicago. NYC has the most studios available.

  • Depending on which monthly membership you choose, you can book 3 classes, 5 classes, 10 classes, or 20 classes.

  • All classes are created equal, meaning one class is one class. There are no credits.

  • You can attend the same studio four times per month.


Membership Types

  • Monthly: 3, 5, 10, or 20 classes per month at up to 50% discount on studio rates.

  • Flex: 10 classes to be used within 6 months of purchase at up to 25% discount on studio rates.

  • FitReserve Plus: 3, 5, or 10 classes per month + membership at NYSC, BSC, or WSC.


  • The class equality is a MAJOR draw. You won’t need to calculate which classes you can take based on what credits you have left, etc. It’s nice to know how many classes you can take per month w/o any limitations.

  • Most classes still have availability when you try to book, except book early for Barry’s Bootcamp and Pilates By Sylvia.

  • In regards to search, FitReserve has more detailed class description checkboxes. For example, there is a “Cardio” checkbox that you can further limit to search to “Bootcamp” or “Running.

  • Also in connection to Search, you can search by smaller increments of time, like 615pm, instead of only 6pm or 630pm.

  • FitReserve has a nice way to discover new studios in a manageable way on their front screen. You can scroll through all of the offerings.

  • Love that they have Barry’s Bootcamp (only available on certain membership levels though).

To Improve

  • Location-based search could be better. You have to enter in an address if you don’t want to show only classes around your current location or you can use the map to search a specific area. I like how ClassPass allows you to tick actual neighborhoods in their search so that you don’t see everything between your current location and the neighborhood you want to take a class in.

  • Of course, you can enter an address in for the neighborhood you’d like to search, but then it shows all classes within a mile or more radius (you choose how big your radius is on search). The problem is - I don’t know how wide a mile radius is in Manhattan or Brooklyn. For instance, if I’m looking for classes in Tribeca, I may also see classes in Hoboken.

  • FR is expanding as we speak, so of course, the service will always improve w/ more locations and more studio options.

  • The app is a bit laggy in general. If you click on a class to book from your search results, but decide not to book and go back to the list, it takes you all of the way to the top of the results again. This is frustrating when you’ve already scrolled deeply down the list.



For NYC:

  • Monthly:

    • 3 classes per month: $59

    • 5 classes per month: $79

    • 10 classes per month: $155

    • 20 classes per month: $349

  • FlexPack:

    • 5 classes per 6 months: $125

    • 10 classes per 6 months: $225

    • 25 classes per 6 months: $550

    • 50 classes per 6 months: $1,000

  • FitReserve Plus

    • 3 classes per month +NYSC: $99

    • 5 classes per month +NYSC: $125

    • 10 classes per month +NYSC: $219


  • FitReserve is a great option to try out a wide variety of studios around the city. If you’re a person who likes to know exactly what and how many classes you can take each month, then FitReserve is for you. Further, if you typically stay in one or two locations for your workouts, this platform is also great for you.

  • If you’re more experimental and like to travel all over for your classes (i.e. search for random classes in random neighborhoods), ClassPass may be better for you.

  • As FR grows, it will only get better and better, and I’m sure, more user-friendly.

  • It’s a great alternative to ClassPass.