FlyBarre - Power 45 (FlyWheel Precision Training)

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FlyBarre’s Power 45 is a dynamic barre class set on the mat that exercises your entire body using various bands, balls, and light weights.


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  • Classpass: ✅


  • Fitness clothes + socks or barefeet.

  • 45 mins.

  • When you sign up, you can reserve your mat space (love this).

  • The class will take you from the mat to standing to the barre. Expect short sections focused on your arms, legs, butt, and abs.

  • Lots of band work (love this too).

  • Example exercises: rows using the band wrapped around the bar, oblique crunches while lying sideways on the ball on the mat, glute bridges while mini band is wrapped around thighs.


Hard AF?!

  • Challenging.

  • Your muscles will fatigue and burn out.

  • Class moves fast.

Sweat Level: 💧💧

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  • First Timers: Free.

  • Returners: $36 per class.

  • FlyWheel offers lots of packages/memberships that reduce the per class price and they also offer unlimited classes per week/month.


  • The FlyWheel Precision Training studios are typically located in a separate studio space at the FlyWheel spin studios.

  • The FlyBarre studio itself is clean, organized, and well-designed. Not too many people are packed into class.

  • All of your equipment, besides hand weights, are set up for you at your mat before class.

  • Welcoming atmosphere.

Classified Information

  • Showers, locker rooms, and lockers w/ automatic locks.

  • Barefeet are allowed for class.

Book Again?

Yeah, when I want a fun, not-too-serious sweat. 


FlyBarre's Class Offerings

  • Classic - the signature barre class.
  • Sweat - like the classic, but with cardio bursts.
  • Power - like the classic class, but faster-paced w/ no stretch breaks.
  • Arms & Abs - focus on arms, core, chest, & back.
  • Lower Body - only on demand. Focus on lower body.
  • Core - only on demand. Focus on core. No equipment needed.

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