HIIT BOX’s HIIT 30 class is a down and dirty, fast-paced HIIT workout set in an old school studio in Gowanus.


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  • Fitness clothes +sneakers.

  • 30 mins.

  • Classic HIIT class.

  • A typical class has four sections: (i) 5 min warm up (think squats, jumping jacks, etc.), (ii) three rounds of circuits, each round slightly different. For example, we did one round of five exercises for 1 min each, a second round of five different exercises for 1 min each, and then a final round of the exercises one and two, doing each exercise for 45 secs (a total of 90 secs at each station), (iii) a finisher.

  • Example circuit exercises were: burpees, hurdle jumps, weighted ball slams, core work, curls to shoulder presses.

  • Typical equipment used: weights (heavy and medium), gliders, kettlebell, resistance bands, weighted balls.


Hard AF?!

  • Challenging, but short and quick!

  • This class is a true HIIT class. You’ll get your heart rate up and allow it to come down a bit before pushing again.

  • Truly a full body workout and you’ll feel exhausted even after 30 mins instead of 50 mins.

  • The instructor pushes you on form and your weight choices.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧


  • First Timers: For 50 mins classes, $35 buy one class, get one free. For 30 min classes, $20 buy one class, get one free.

  • Returners: $35 per class for 50 min classes and $20 per class for 30 min classes.

  • HIIT BOX also offers packages that reduce the per class price and they also offer unlimited classes month via memberships.

equipment-hiit box-gowanus


  • Studio is clean and minimal.

  • The instructors are knowledgeable and helpful on form.  

  • The classes are small enough that you’ll get attention from the instructor- and you will! They are not afraid to tell you what to do.

  • Music could be better and louder. It plays from an everyday speaker, not a “sound system”

  • The studio is in the middle of upgrades, so there will be upcoming changes.

Classified Information

  • If you’re the first class of the day, don’t get there too early! I was locked out for a few minutes (in the cold!).

  • There is one shower located in the bathroom, but they ask you to wait until the next class starts to shower (so that the incoming class can use the bathroom if they need it). Again, HIIT BOX is building out another shower, so this will change.

  • Lockers, but bring your own lock.  The who space is visible from the exercise space, so I felt comfortable leaving my stuff out in the open.

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Yes! To get a true HIIT experience that works my entire body!

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