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Justin Gelband’s JG Sculpt class is a low impact toning and movement class using various equipment like ankle weights, hand weights, steps, and mats. The class zeros in on micro movements, feeling your body move and “grab”, and connecting the body and mind.


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  • Fitness clothes + bare feet or grippy socks.

  • 60 mins.

  • The class focus depends on the instructor (JG has been known to say he doesn’t know what he’s going to teach until he is in the warm up), but a typical class goes as follows: (i) 5-10 min warm up, opening up the body (think stretching your sides, shallow squats), (ii) 20 mins on the step w/ ankle weights and hand weights, working your legs, glutes, and arms, (iii) 5 min cardio break (nothing too intense), (iv) 10-15 mins on the barre using resistance bands, working on your legs, glutes, and arms, (v) 10 mins of glute/inner thigh work on the mat, and (vi) 5 mins of stretching and foam rolling.

  • JG demonstrates the moves for you, but will help fix form if you allow him to.


Hard AF?!

  • Difficult in a sneaky way.

  • The class is very low impact, but you’re wearing ankle weights for most of it, and when you truly think about your form and controlling the micro movements, your muscles will be burning and you’ll be sweating.

  • Form is important here, so be aware that to get the best workout, you’ll need to be hyperaware of your body’s movements.

  • JG pushes that the smaller the movement, the better the result of the exercise. He’s serious-I didn’t want to let him down!

  • Most exercises are only done for 12 reps, so it’s not impossible, but you’ll be ready for the break.

  • I def felt muscle fatigue and (good) soreness afterwards.

Sweat Level: 💧💧



  • First Timers: N/A.

  • Returners: $40 per class taught by JG, $35 per class taught by another instructor.

  • Packages and memberships are available to lower the "per class" price.


  • Super clean, open, and spacious studio.

  • Minimalist.

  • The instructors and reception are super nice and welcoming (more than usual). I felt very comfortable for a class I was a little nervous about.

  • Focus is not on the music, but on listening to the instructor describe the exercises and tweaks.  


Classified Information

  • The studio is located on an unassuming block in north Tribeca. Go up one flight of stairs and on your left you’ll see a black nondescript door- that’s the studio.

  • Most people use 2 lb hand weights, but I used 3 lb and was perfectly fine.

  • One shower. No locker rooms or lockers. Just a seating area to leave your stuff.

  • Changing rooms w/ curtains available.

  • Bathrooms (w/ Le Labo products-> +1 JG).

  • No water fill up station.

  • Justin Gelband co-founded ModelFit, so the format/exercises are similar to a ModelFit Sculpt class. However, I had a much better experience and workout at JG’s class than ModelFit (maybe bc he was teaching it?).

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Justin Gelband's Class Offerings

  • JG Sculpt - 60 min sculpt class taught by Justin Gelband.
  • Scult- 60 min sculpt class.