Cardio Sweat Party

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Cardio Sweat Party is a high impact sweaty cardio dance and kickboxing class focused on positivity and inclusivity. Expect to jump, kick, punch, and dance.


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  • Fitness clothes + sneakers.

  • 50 mins.

  • You’ll follow along with the instructor through dance cardio and kickboxing choreography.

  • A typical class starts with a short cardio warm up then moves through three choreographed sections incorporating cardio, dance, and kickboxing. In between each choreographed section, you’ll do additional cardio or bodyweight strength exercises.

  • Most likely, once you finish the choreography on the right side of the body, then you’ll do all three choreographed sections on the left side of the body.

  • More cardio than technique, but moves fast.

  • Lots of jumping & energy! Expect to jump, punch, and kick.


Hard AF?!

  • Cardio heavy. You’ll sweat and breathe heavy.

  • Mentally challenging as you follow along to choreography.

  • The choreography isn’t impossible, but takes some getting used to especially the footwork.

  • All levels.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧


  • First Timers: N/A

  • Returners: $29 per class.

  • Packages and memberships are available to lower the "per class" price.

  • Purchase on the Nimble Fitness’ Mind Body platform.

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  • Very energetic, positive, and uplifting class.

  • The creator and instructor is super fun and welcoming.

  • Current music.

  • Brightly lit (wish the lights were a bit dimmer).

  • The studio decor could be better - it’s in the basement of Nimble Fitness (a gym facility) with no windows. Super clean, but not into the color scheme (lime green and beige).

Classified Information

  • Be prepared for some “freestyle” dancing.

  • Set up in the middle or back if you’re new so that you can follow the people in the front.

  • You will, most likely, face all sides of the room during class, so at times, it’s difficult to follow instructor bc you’re not facing her.

  • Showers and lockers with automatic locks are available on the main floor. There are cubbies in the Cardio Sweat Party basement studio.

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Yeah! It was a fun option to inject some cardio in the workout routine.


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