Midtown Studio - Bootcamp: Challenge (Paris)

Midtown bootcamp studio in Paris, France.


Midtown Bootcamp is a 50-mn HIIT class divided between 50% tread drills and 50% floor/strength work divided. This class will literally kick your butt.


  • Fitness clothes + sneakers

  • Class will start with a very intense cardio warm-up (sprints on their indoor track, frog jumps, high-knees, crab crawls etc.)

  • You will then rotate between intervals x 3 on the tread and floor. Expect endurance and speed intervals on the tread and strength work with weights, risers, and plyometric exercises on the floor.

  • Every person starts class on the tread.

Hard AF?!

  • A VERY intense HIIT workout. Do this on a day you are fresh and ready to WORK.

  • I have taken many circuit/bootcamp classes, including Barry’s bootcamp and Shred415 and this was probably the hardest workout I have ever done in my life. The warm-up alone was very intense and class ended with 1 min of burpees.

  • Expect to feel like you have accomplished a very intense hard workout.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧💧💧


  • 15 € per class.


  • Plenty of lockers, bathrooms, and showers.

  • The instructors are ripped, the music is pounding, and the room is darkened.

  • The decor is cool - the women’s locker room feels spa like.

Classified Information

  • The instructors speak English and will give instructions in both English and French.

  • They have a smoothie bar :)

  • The treadmills are not automatic - you push the belt in order to make it move (this is HARD).

  • Word on the street, the owner is opening up a studio in Miami!

 Book Again?

Hell Yes.

Midtown Studio Class Offerings

  • Bootcamp Original: Signature 50 min class.
  • Bootcamp Rumble: 50 min combo bootcamp and boxing class.