modelFIT - Sculpt

The studio at modeFIT during the modeFIT sculpt class.


modelFIT Sculpt is a low intensity workout that incorporates micro movements using various fitness equipment.


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  • Fitness clothes + sneakers are optional (most people wear them).

  • 60 mins.

  • Instructor tells you which equipment to grab, such as steps/risers, ankle weights, foam rollers, medicine balls, rubber bands, and light weights.

  • Five min warm up, think slow dynamic stretching.

  • 25 mins lower and upper body, think lunges and squats w ankle weights while holding a medicine ball.

  • Five min cardio burst.

  • Five mins of focused arm work.

  • 20 mins of glute work.

  • Five mins of abs and cooldown.

  • The class changes day-to-day depending on the instructor.

Hard AF?!

  • Not too hard, you won’t be exhausted.

  • Focus more on form and smaller muscles.

 Sweat Level: 💧


  • First Timers: $25 per class.

  • Returners: $34 per class.

  • modelFIT offers packages to reduce the per class rate.



  • Really cool vibe.  

  • Branding is on point and makes you want to be a modelFIT babe!  

  • The studio is one floor up in a walk up building. You open the door to the studio and you walk right into the ongoing class (i.e. there’s no lobby).

  • Space is cute (i.e. twinkle lights) and it’s clean and organized.

  • The music is current and loud (in a great way). Sometimes the music was so loud that I couldn’t hear the instructor’s cues, but, I can’t complain about loud music- I love it.  

  • Instructors are energetic and experienced, and the front desk person was super welcoming and informative


Classified Information

  • Locker room area is standard.

  • Lockers require locks.

  • Great option for a low intensity workout that will hit smaller muscles.The issue is that you don’t know which part of the body the instructor is going to focus on- it’s instructor/day-dependent. For instance, I really wanted to work my arms on the day the I took the Sculpt class, but we focused more on legs.

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Yes, probably.


modelFIT's Class Offerings

  • Sculpt: 60 min class focusing on micro movements using various equipment, toning (sneakers optional).
  • Cardio Sculpt: 60 min class mixing dance cardio and full body conditioning (sneakers required).
  • Dance Cardio: 60 min class using dance moves. No prior exp required (sneakers required).
  • modelFIT also offers streaming workouts, nutritional coaching, and personal training.