Orangetheory - Orange 60

Orangetheory Chicago HIIT and interval studio.


A 60-min HIIT class that alternates between tread, rowers, and floor work - they keep the workout a secret until you walk in the door - leaving your body always guessing.


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  • Classpass: No


  • Fitness clothes + sneakers

  • You will do intervals on the tread, rower, and floor in some combination.

  • The type of workout (ie more endurance based or more strength based etc) will be a secret until you show up for class.

  • Each class will always have a cardio portion and a strength portion - the timing and exercises used during those portions will change.

  • You will either start on the tread or bike for the cardio portion or on the rower for the strength training portion, which includes floor exercises with the TRX systems, benches and free weights etc - you will get to chose which you want to tackle first.

Hard AF?!

  • This is an intense HIIT workout. Do this on a day you are fresh and ready to WORK.

  • In general, you'll set the pace - the coach will explain how to do each floor exercise as well as the interval length and speed during cardio portion recommended depending on if you chose to walk, jog, or run on the tread.

  • They want you to hit at least 12 min in the Orange Zone to create the Orangetheory afterburn (aka where you burn calories long after your workout is over).

  • The workout comprises of 5 HR zones based on your individual HR - the you’re working in is displayed on screens in the room. 

  • Expect to feel like you have accomplished a hard workout.


Sweat Level: πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§


  • First class is usually free.

  • Returners: $30 per class.

  • Lots of packages available.


  • Lockers, bathrooms, and showers

  • The instructors are motivating, the music is pounding, and the room is darkened.

Classified Information

  • Each studio stands alone - first time at the studio requires you to show up 30 min ahead of time to sign paperwork, take a tour and meet the coach.

  • You will get to use a complimentary HR monitor for your first class, after that you can purchase or rent for class.

  • I tend to not like my workout results displayed for the entire class to see - some people like the competitive edge - to me this makes me stressed. Your call.

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Orangetheory Class Offerings

  • Orange 60: Signature 60 min class.