Paramount Recreation Club - Paramount Workout



Paramount Recreation Club’s Paramount Workout is a 60 min class split into four sections: movement, strength, conditioning, and stretch. It’s a full body, functional work out set in an open air studio.


  • Fitness clothes + sneakers.

  • 60 mins.

  • Four fifteen minute sections: (i) warm up movements (think lunges, planks, squats), (ii) strength (think deadlifts, weighted squats, weighted lunges, glute work), (iii) conditioning (think cardio-focused exercises, like kettlebell swings, rowing, push ups, skierg), and (iv) stretching.

  • The strength section focuses on a different body part each day. For instance, we did lower body push one day and lower body push on another day.

  • Each section occurs in a distinct part of the studio.

  • Most days, a new group of people will start every fifteen minutes, so there will be a pack before and after your group.


Hard AF?!

  • The strength round and conditioning rounds are challenging.

  • For the strength round, you’ll want to push as hard as you can because you only have fifteen minutes.

  • For the conditioning round, same, but the moves are difficult, so you’ll be super happy when the fifteen minutes are up.

  • Instructors are very strict with their fifteen minutes, so you may not get to complete full rounds of the exercises in the strength and/or conditioning sections.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧



  • First Timers: Free- email the studio.

  • Returners:

    • Trial Pass: $55AUD for two weeks unlimited (~$40USD).

    • Single Class: $35AUD per class (~ $25USD per class).

    • Paramount House Hotel Guest: Free.

  • Packages and memberships are available to lower the "per class" price.


  • Beautiful space with two studios.

  • The main studio is half indoors and half outdoors, which is kickass.

  • Simple equipment, but new.

  • Welcoming staff and instructors.

  • No music/very low music.


Classified Information

  • Studio is located on the roof of the Paramount House Hotel. Get to the roof by going into the hotel lobby and taking the elevator on your right to the second floor.

  • Lockers with keys provided.

  • Locker rooms with showers that are semi outside, which is a dream.

  • No mirrors.

  • Kiosk (aka a cafe) is located on the roof outside of the gym, which has tasty brekkie and coffee.

Book Again?

When in Australia, yes.

Paramount Recreation Club's Class Offerings

  • Paramount Workout- 60 min strength and conditioning class.
  • Boxing - various boxing offerings, like “101”, “Kickboxing”, & Express-30 min”.
  • Yoga & Pilates- various yoga and pilates offerings.
  • Strength- various strength-focused offerings.