Peloton Tread - Int. Hills + Bodyweight



Peloton Tread’s Intermediate Hills + Bodyweight class is a 20 min treadmill-based class incorporating various inclines + a 20 min bodyweight-only mat portion following the run.


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  • Fitness clothes + sneakers.

  • 45 mins.

  • 20 mins on the treadmill. For example, we did three different intervals after a short warm up: (i) 60 secs running at 0% incline, jog for 60 secs at 3% incline, (ii) 30 secs running at 3% incline, jog for 30 secs at 6% incline, and (iii) 60 sec running at 4 incline 60 secs jogging at 8% incline. A short cooldown to follow.

  • 20 mins of bodyweight exercises on the mat. For example, we did: (i) 45 secs of a squat series and 45 secs of push up series, three times through, (ii) 45 secs of a side lunge series and 45 secs of a sit up series three times through, and (iii) 20 secs of mountain climbers three times through.


Hard AF?!

  • The class wasn’t AS difficult as expected.

  • The instructor gives you a speed range, and does urge you to go over the range if you need it.

  • 20 mins isn’t too long for each portion.

  • All levels can do this class w/ adjustments.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧



  • First Timers: $20 per class.

  • Returners: $26 (limited time offer) per class. The typical rate is $32 per class.

  • Peloton Tread  also offers packages that reduce the per class price and they also offer unlimited classes per week/month.


  • The Peloton space is spacious, clean, and new.

  • The studio is clean and roomy. The treadmills are set up around the studio facing in towards the instructor.

  • The vibe is a bit weird since the focus is on filming, rather than the energy in the room. Everything revolves around the filming.

  • The instructors are energetic and impressive as they are running AND filming.

  • Music was great.

  • Front desk could be more helpful. I had to ask where the locker rooms were, what tread I was on, where the studio was- they didn’t offer the info up to me.


Classified Information

  • The treadmills, themselves, are amazing. I don’t particularly like running and I felt like I could run all day on them. Very easy on the knees.

  • The class is filmed LIVE. This means there are film people in the studio, there is a security guard or two, and the instructor focuses less on the people in the studio, and more on the filming/people at home.

  • I was asked twice to move treadmills for “filming purposes”. I didn’t want to and I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t push me and let me stay on the treadmill that I reserved (but still).

  • They are super strict about being in the studio at least 5 mins before class starts or else you may not be let in. You’re also not allowed to bring cell phones in or move the location of your mat (or anything really).

  • The team provides towels and complimentary water bottles at each treadmill and the staff comes with new water bottles in between the two sections.  

  • Locker rooms, showers, and lockers w/ automatic locks are located on lower level. Malin & Goetz products = love.

  • Peloton provides complimentary shower shoes in the locker rooms! LOVE THIS.

Book Again?

Yes, when I feel like running and won’t get annoyed with all of the rules.


Peloton Tread's Class Offerings

  • Peloton offers a large mix of classes between the Tread & Mat/Strength. Review the Schedule above for more information .