Pilates ProWorks - TRX Pro

TRX pilates studio in Chicago.


TRX Pro is a 50 min suspension/cardio class. The TRX straps create resistance from two sources always at your disposal: your body weight and gravity. Combined with cardio this class is a total body workout.


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  • All you need is yourself and sneakers!

  • Class starts with a short strength/cardio warm up (think jacks, squats, planks and push-ups) then the TRX fun begins.

  • Class is typically divided into sections: core, legs, and arms. Each section will involve some use of the TRX suspension band - e.g., a core exercise could include performing mountain climbers with your feet suspended in the air or working your arms by doing pull-ups with the TRX band….who knew?!?

  • The instructor is mic-ed and will often demo the more complicated moves. All you have to do is “hang” around for some super fun yet challenging moves ;).

 Hard AF?!

  • TRX Pro is challenging and will make you sweat, but is super fun and doable.

  • Because gravity exists, every exercise feels just a little harder when you are completing them suspended in the air.

  • Expect to be sore in places that are hard to reach with standard exercises.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧


  • First Timers: $10 per class.

  • Returners: $30 per class, but ProWorks offers packages and specials. *Prices vary depending on which city/country you live in (that’s right-they’re international!) Some cities offer first timers a free class.



  • The space is sleek, but bare bones.

  • Bathrooms and showers.

  • The music is generally good.

  • All of the staff are super upbeat and genuinely want to talk to you.

Classified Information

  • ~8 spots available depending on studio – so classes are more intimate.

  • Bring water; they provide complimentary towels.

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ProWorks Class Offerings

  • PilatesPro (All Levels): 50 min standard class on the FitFormer™.
  • Matbox (All Levels): 50 min full-body workout comprised of kickboxing, pilates, and yoga.
  • Tone + Flow (All Levels): 50 min yoga + pilates fusion class.
  • TrxPro (All levels): 50 min suspension training class (sneakers required).
  • Bootcamp Pro (All levels): 50 min circuit training class (sneakers required).