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Precision Run’s treadmill class is a difficult, but energizing running class set in an oxygen-enriched studio and set on state-of-the-art treadmills.


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  • Fitness clothes + sneakers.

  • 50 mins.

  • At the start of your first class, you’ll be instructed to find your PR (or Personal Record). This is done following the prompts on the treadmill screen. You’ll enter in a few data points, run for a minute at a speed the treadmill determines, and then you’ll tell the treadmill screen how the run felt. From there, the treadmill determines your PR number (for instance, mine was a 9.5).

  • A PR is the fastest speed you can maintain for one minute. Whether or not you actually hit your PR during class (dependent on the class routine that day), all of the instructor-led speeds are based on your PR. This means you’ll sometimes run at 2 points below your PR (for me, 7.5) or 3 points below your PR (for me, 6.5), etc.

  • Every class is different, but an example class is: (i) 5 min warm up, (ii) 2 mins at three points under your PR while increasing inclines by one point every 30 secs, (iii) 1 min recovery, (iv) 1min at two points under your PR while increasing inclines by one point every 15 secs, (v) 2 min recovery, (vi) repeat the 2 min/1 min recovery/1 min/1 min recovery segment three more times, but at increasingly higher inclines and then repeat the same segment four more times but at faster speeds and lower inclines (two points under your PR and one point under your PR, respectively), and (vii) ab work and cool down.

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Hard AF?!

  • Yes!  This class is hard, but totally a challenge that is reachable.

  • The instructors coach you through all of the speed/incline changes very clearly - you won’t be lost.

  • The treadmills themselves are dreams! Makes running feel amazing.

  • All levels can do this class w/ adjustments.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧💧


  • First Timers: $75 for three classes ($25 per class).

  • Returners: $36 per class.

  • Precision Run also offers packages that reduce the per class price.


  • The space itself is spacious, clean, and new.

  • Very welcoming front desk and instructors.

  • The vibes feel very inclusive and encouraging.

  • The lights in the studio change depending on what you’re doing on the treadmill (blue=recovery, red=dying).

  • Freshhhh treadmills and super new locker rooms and amenities.

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Classified Information

  • Precision Run was a class at Equinox that branched out on its own.

  • The treadmill itself is the nicest treadmill I’ve been on. It has a large touch screen that makes it super easy to change speeds and inclines.

  • The space has a Hydro Bar that allows you to fill up your water bottle w/ various performance drinks.

  • Precision Run also has a cooldown space filled w/ Hyperice equipment to rub your muscles with. Love this.

  • Showers, locker rooms, and lockers w/ automatic locks are provided.

Book Again?

Yes, 1000%! Such an amazing class and killer workout.


Precision Run's Class Offerings

  • The Precision Run Signature class.