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Punch Pedal House’s Boxing Bootcamp is a sweaty circuit-based interval class comprised of boxing, running, and strength-training.


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  • Fitness clothes, sneakers, wraps, + boxing gloves.

  • Boxing gloves are $5 to rent. Wraps are $10 to buy.

  • 45 mins (available in 60 mins too).

  • 3 stations: the skillmill (a curved treadmill), the bench w/ weights, and the punching bag (a tear-drop, water-filled bag, like Rumble’s).

  • You’ll move through each of the 3 stations 3 times through. 3 minutes at each station (so that means 9 min rounds). So, the entire class is 27 mins of work.

  • Typical class: (i) 3 mins on the skillmill (e.g. 30 secs jog, 1 min run, 30 secs jog, 1 min run, 30 sec jog, 30 sec sprint), (ii) 3 mins on bag (e.g. 4 jab cross hooks, 10 push ups, 4 jab cross hooks, 10 russian twist sit ups, 10 hooks), (iii) 3 mins on bench w/ free weights (e.g. 10 shoulder presses, 10 rows on each arm, 10 weighted stepovers over the bench, and 10 dumbbell snatches). And then 2 more rounds with new exercises at each station.

  • Cooldown at the end of class.

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Hard AF?!

  • Yes! This class definitely pushes you. I thought the hardest part was the skillmill runs (not used to that machine, but is way harder than a treadmill).

  • Expect to be out of breath after most stations.

  • In order to get the best results, push yourself by using heavier weights during the bench stations.

  • You’re not at each station too long, so if you’re not paying attention/moving fast, you may not get as good as a workout.

  • Class flies by bc you’re moving around so much.

  • Solid mix of cardio and strength.

  • Not at all enough of boxing to call this a “boxing bootcamp”. IMO, having to rent gloves for $5 to use them for a total of about 3 mins isn’t cool. For example, Shadowbox provides their gloves for free and you’re using them for about 30 mins straight. Box + Flow rents for $3, but you’re using them for about 25 mins of the class.

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Sweat Level: 💧💧💧💧


  • First Timers: $45 buy one get one free.

  • Returners: $30 per class.

  • Punch Pedal House offers packages that reduce the per class price and they also offer weekend unlimited classes and unlimited classes via membership.

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  • The studio is broken up into two rooms: the Pedal House and Punch House - each “House” is through a separate door.

  • Spacious and clean space, but the Punch House is on the smaller side (no windows, no air conditioning).

  • Instructors are motivating and instructive.

  • Good amount of variety in equipment and exercises.

  • Cool decor.

Classified Information

  • Punch Pedal House is the next iteration of the closed Rhythm Ryde which was also in Dumbo.

  • Don’t love Punch Pedal House’s attitude in its ClassPass intro: “The room will get hot, if you can’t stand the heat, best try somewhere else.”

  • Showers, locker rooms, and lockers w automatic locks.

Book Again?

Yeah, quick and dirty HIIT class. Probably wouldn’t travel to Dumbo just for this class, but if you live/work nearby, it’s a good option to sweat.


Punch Pedal House's Class Offerings

  • Boxing Bootcamp - 45 min or 60 min bootcamp on the treads, bags, and floor w/ weights.
  • Fight Club - 45 min or 60 min bootcamp w/ more bag rounds than Boxing Bootcamp.
  • Pedal House - Class comes in 45 mins and 60 mins, as well as All Levels and Advanced Only.