The wall of boxing gloves at shadowbox in new york and dumbo.


Shadowbox is a cardio boxing studio that delivers a total body and mind workout, leaving you sweat-drenched and wanting more, but also more calm and balanced.


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  • Classpass: ✅


  • Fitness clothes + sneakers.

  • 45 mins.

  • Every boxer needs (i) wraps (buy for $4) and (ii) boxing gloves (complimentary!).

  • Five min intro-instructor demos punches and defensive moves.

  • Five min high intensity warm up, think: high knees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and butt kicks. For TKO (i.e. 60 min) class, add a five min conditioning portion, think: burpees, lunges.

  • Seven mins of shadowboxing (w optional 1lb weights).

  • Seven rounds (~30 mins) of on-the-bag work (w gloves). Ten rounds (~40 mins for TKO (i.e. 60 min) class).

  • Two min cool down.


Hard AF?!

  • Mentally and physicall challenging. You will be exhausted.

  • Usually takes a full day to recover.

  • Learning curve while learning punches and combos.

  • As you get more comfortable on the bag, the class gets harder and harder because you can focus more on form and strength, rather than learning the basics.


Sweat Level: 💧💧💧💧💧


  • First Timers: $36 for two classes (i.e. “BOGO”).

  • Returners: $36 per class.

  • Packages are available to lower the "per class" price.

  • New studios are coming to LA, Dallas, Chicago, and Austin.


  • Well decorated and clean.

  • Locker rooms and locker area in both locations are pretty hectic in between classes.  

  • The bag room, itself, is dimly lit with a bluish hue.  

  • The music is loud (but not too loud), high energy, and current. It hypes you up.

  • The instructors are all solid boxers and talented teachers. They’re just cool.

  • Cafe at the Flatiron location.

Classified Information

  • Because the class is dim, you don’t have to worry about people watching you. Everyone is totally in the zone on their own bag.

  • Be strategic when you book your bag-some bags have more space than others.

  • Gloves are replaced frequently, but still carry a stench. Don’t smell your hands until you wash them.

  • Buy the $4 wraps once and wear them for a few months (or until the padding wears down).

  • Once you’ve boxed a few times, the demos feel repetitive, but there’s always something to learn or fix (especially form).

  • “Shadowboxing” is punching the air (no gloves or bag work).

Book Again?

Yes, every week.


SBX's Class Offerings

  • SBX: 45 mins standard class.
  • SBX TKO: 60 mins class.
  • SBX After Dark: 60 mins class mostly by candlelight.
  • Champ Camp: 45 mins class with head trainer (technique heavy).
  • Lunch Pass: 35 mins.
  • Featherweight: 45 mins class for 8-16 year olds.