SHAKTIBARRE’S signature class, SHAKTIBARRE, is a hybrid class between yoga, barre, + sculpt. The class moves through various yoga flows while incorporating small sculpting movements working your way through your entire body using light weights, pilates balls, & the barre.


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  • Classpass: ✅


  • Fitness clothes + bare feet/socks.

  • 55 mins.

  • SHAKTIBARRE provides mats, blocks, and other equipment, but if you don’t bring a mat, you can rent one for $2.

  • A typical class: (i) breath work and gentle yoga flows, (ii) arm work using light weights and/or body weight, (iii) leg work on the barre using equipment like the pilates ball, (iv) core work, like planks, (v) yoga flow, (vi) glute/ab work, and (vii) ends with shavasana.

  • Each class follows the foregoing format, but the pace and vibe of class are instructor-dependent. Some instructors lean more fitness-y, some more dance-y.


Hard AF?!

  • Challenging!

  • The non-yoga moves are done repetitively and will exhaust your muscles.

  • The exercises in class change each time, so you’ll keep your body guessing (which is a major plus to me!).

  • All levels.

  • A perfect option for a low impact day.

Sweat Level: 💧💧



  • First Timers: $49 for a week of unlimited classes.

  • Returners: $22 or $24 per class, depending on location.

  • Packages and memberships are available to lower the "per class" price.

  • SHAKTIBARRE also offers “sliding scale” pricing for those who cannot afford the standard prices.



  • SHAKTIBARRE has put quite a lot of thought into their vibe and mission. The studio’s focus is on the mind-body connection. To guide this mission along, the studio does not have any mirrors and directs the students to face inwards towards the instructor.

  • The idea behind foregoing mirrors is to focus the attention on the body, breath, and movements w/o spending time critiquing or comparing to others in the mirror. The instructor is in the middle of the room as your “mirror”.

  • The studio’s mission is to have their students be mindful of how the body feels w/o distractions (mirrors, lots of equipment, etc.) so that you can grow and become stronger inside and out.

  • Super cute space. Feels like you’re in your cool friend’s cool apartment.

  • Calming & welcoming. Hang out area in the lobby.

  • The studio itself is on the smaller side.

  • Pink themes throughout the studio.

  • Very welcoming staff and instructors.


Classified Information

  • “Shakti” means “the dynamic energy of change, creation, and restoring balance. It is representative of feminine energy”. Further, it incorporates the “power to know, willpower, and the power to act”.

  • Spray your mat after class w/ their cleansing spray.

  • Instructors help adjust positions.

  • Freshening up station.

  • No lockers, locker rooms, or showers. Cubbies only.

Book Again?

Yes! A fun, unique, full body class. Further, extra points to a studio that’s focused on women’s empowerment.


SHAKTIBARRE's Class Offerings

  • SHAKTIBARRE - 55 min signature yoga-barre class.
  • VINYASA - 55 min energetic vinyasa yoga class.
  • SHAKTIHIIT - 55 min barre, yoga, hiit class.
  • SHAKTICORE - 55 min barre, yoga, core class.
  • SHAKTIBALLET - 55 min barre, yoga, ballet class.
  • BLISSFLOW - 55 min restful yoga class.