Shred415 - Total Body

Shred415 studio in Wicker Park Chicago.


Shred415 is 60-mn HIIT class that alternates between tread drills and floor work divided into four 15 min intervals.


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  • Classpass: ✅


  • Fitness clothes + sneakers

  • You will rotate between four 15-min intervals (2 blocks on the floor and 2 blocks on the tread).

  • Expect interval drills on the tread and strength work with weights, resistance bands, risers, and plyometric exercises on the floor.

  • You get to chose whether you want to start on the tread or floor.

Hard AF?!

  • This is an intense HIIT workout. Do this on a day you are fresh and ready to WORK.

  • In general, you'll set the pace and pick what weights you want to use.

  • Expect to feel like you have accomplished a hard workout.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧💧💧


  • $28 per class.

  • Lots of packages available.


  • Plenty of lockers, bathrooms; no showers

  • The instructors are ripped, the music is pounding, and the room is darkened.


Classified Information

  • When you sign-up, you'll pick where you want to start the workout (i.e. treadmill or floor). They do offer the option to do double floor where you don’t have to run.

  • Some locations offer childcare.

  • The class is very similar to Barry’s Bootcamp. Shred415 has a following just like Barry’s does. It does seem that you are either part of the Barry’s cult or part of the Shred415 cult.

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Shred415 Class Offerings

  • Total Body: Signature 60 min class.
  • Total Body Express: Total Body class in just 45 min.
  • Arms + Abs: 60 min with an emphasis on the upper-body muscles (45 min express version available on some days).
  • Butt + Legs: 60 min with an emphasis on the lower-body muscles (45 min express version available on some days).