The megareformers at SLT in their Chelsea studio.


SLT is a high intensity, low impact pilates workout on the SLT-trademarked Megaformer that will leave you lengthened and toned.


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  • Classpass: ❌


  • Fitness clothes + grippy socks.

  • 50 mins.

  • Five min warm up (hard).

  • 45 mins of SLT moves on the custom-made, trademarked Megaformer.

  • You will work your legs, arms, obliques, core, and butt.

  • Two min “finale”, think harder exercises w/o a break, like planks, burpees, fire crawls.

  • Moves are done very slowly and controlled all while the instructor counts you up and down.

Hard AF?!

  • Very difficult.

  • Every class is a different combo of reformer exercises.

  • No matter how many classes you take, it’s always challenging.

  • Learning curve for the reformer, but not hard to learn.

  • Low impact, but you’ll sweat.

  • Requires mental fortitude.

Sweat Level: 💧💧


  • First Timers: Manhattan- $20 per class. BK- $36 buy one, get one free ($18 per class).

  • Returners: Manhattan- $40 per class. BK-$36 per class. SLT offers packages and specials. If you happen to be a professional model, the classes are reduced to $34 (a girl can dream).

  • *Prices vary depending on which city you live in*


  • Well decorated, but bare boned.

  • Instructors are encouraging and talented. They keep you preoccupied while your muscles are burning.

  • Music is good, but not the focus.


Classified Information

  • A reformer has springs, some red some yellow. Those springs determine how heavy the resistance is on your reformer.

  • Take the Intro class to get familiar with the machine.

  • SLT names the positions. For instance, sitting on the edge of the machine with your legs under a strap, you’ll move over the edge of the machine working your oblique muscles- that’s called “Mermaid”.

  • Change the springs fast so you maximize your time doing the exercises OR change your springs slow to minimize your time doing exercises ;)

  • You will see real results in your body after taking SLT regularly.

Book Again?

Hell yes.

SLT's Class Offerings

  • SLT (All Levels)- 50 min standard class.
  • SLT Intro class- 50 min intro class.
  • SLT Hardcore- 60 min class (advanced only).
  • SLTAME- a slower paced class.