chicago solidcore pilates studio showing sweatlana reformer.


50 min of high-intensity, low-impact slow and controlled movements on their reformer – [sweatlana]. [sweatlana] guarantees you leave class sweaty, sore and shaky in an oh soo good way.


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  • Classpass: ✅


  • No grippy socks required.

  • Class starts with a short core warm up that feels like a workout, followed by 45 minutes of slow and intense moves/holds on [sweatlana].

  • Weights are used sometimes.

  • No stretching or cool down is offered.

Hard AF?!

  • [solidcore] is hard. This class will make you sweat more than a regular Pilates class

  • The exercise variations have you moving on and off the reformer; setting up quickly for each move will guarantee more workout time. This takes practice.

  • You will sweat.

Sweat Rating: 💧💧💧


  • First Timers: $32 per class or new client 2 class package for $39.

  • Returners:  $32 per class.

  • Packages and specials are offered.


  • The space is sleek, the vibe is cool.

  • During class the room is darkened and the music is loud - which is different than most Pilates type classes.

  • Bathrooms, but no showers. 


Classified Information

  • Max 15 spots available in each location -prime morning and evening classes book up fast – register ahead of time.

  • Bins for storage; no locks.

  • The instructor is talking constantly during the class and guides you verbally through the moves. It was a little hard to get the moves down the first time because of this, but after a few classes you get the hang of it.  

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[solidcore's] Class Offerings

  • beginner – 50 min intro class, recommended before taking full body class. The class focuses heavily on form and learning the names of the exercises.
  • full body- 50 min standard class.
  • arms + abs - 50 min of exclusively upper body and core based moves.
  • buns + guns - 50 minutes of lower body and upper body focus.
  • core30 - 30-minutes of intense core-focused moves.