Soulcycle chicago spin bike in studio entrance.


A high-intensity cardio spin class with a dose of muscle-sculpting arm work. Once you clip in, expect a party on the bike…it’s dark, loud, sweaty, and fun. There are no gauges on the spin bikes, because you ride to the rhythm of the song. You ride as a pack.


  • Fitness clothes + spin shoes (you can rent for $3 dollars)

  • Each bike will be fitted with a set of weights and a towel.

  • The format class to class is the same, but instructors choose their own song lists and bike choreography - lots of intervals and endurance drills.

  • A typical class starts with:

    • Warm-up

    • Hills and sprints for ~30 min,

    • 6-8 min of arm sculpting with weights on the bike

    • ~10 more mins of spinning with a nice stretch period to end the class.  

Hard AF?!

  • High-intensity spin class.

  • Cardio - lots of intervals and endurance drills.

  • It’ll take some time to pick up the bike choreography (like push ups on the handlebars and “tap backs” (tapping the seat with your booty).

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧💧


  • $30 per class.

  • Packages available.


  • The space is sleek, white, and crisp, but small.

  • The instructors are all badass- they all have a cult following.

  • The spin room is dark (with candles lit) and the music is loud and on point, but sometimes it’s too loud. SoulCycle offers earplugs for free if you’re concerned about the noise level.

  • Lockers, bathrooms, and showers. 

Classified Information

  • Classes open up for booking at noon every Monday -highly recommend pre-booking your bike (especially if you like the front row).

  • No gauges on the spin bikes –you ride to the rhythm of the song. If you’re the competitive type that loves tracking your RPMs and competing with other bikers, Soulcycle may not be for you.

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  • Classpass: No.
Soulcycle lockers in Chicago studio.

SoulCycle Class Offerings

  • Standard class: 45 min.
  • SoulSurvivor: 60 min version of the signature SoulCycle class.
  • SoulActivate: 60 min HIIT workout that combines cycling, strength training, and timed heart rate variation to burn fat and build endurance.
  • SoulFundamentals: 60 min basics class that's not just for beginners. Get hands-on tips from two instructors and break down of classic choreography, plus a good sweat.