SURFSET’S SURF Newbie class is a 50 min class mostly set on the SURFSET surfboard. The class combines surfboard techniques, core/balance work on the board, and cardio bursts.


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  • Fitness clothes + barefeet.

  • 50 mins.

  • First come first serve for the boards.

  • The SURFSET surfboard is anchored down on three stability balls w/ elastic bands which determine how “wobbly” the board is. For the Newbie class, the board is set to the least wobbly setting.

  • Typical class: (i) 5 min of warm up on the board, (ii) 5 min cardio burst (3 rounds of one min of three different exercises), (iii) 5-7 mins of core and arm strength/balance work on the board using bands, (iv) 5 mins of a plank series, (v) 5 min cardio burst (same format as the first burst), (vi) 5-7 min of strength/stability work on the board mixed w/ surf moves, (vii) cool down and stretch, and (viii) weekly challenge.

  • Example cardio moves: mountain climbers on the board, sideways jumps over the board, russian twists sitting on the board, high knees (off the board).

  • Expect to learn the classic “pop up” on the board - meaning you’ll move from laying on your stomach on the board (while “paddling” the air) to the surf stance (standing up facing semi-sideways on the board) in one fast motion.


Hard AF?!

  • The technique is challenging!

  • As a non-surfer, it took a few mins to get used to the “wobbly-ness” of the board, but w/ time the shakiness goes away and confidence rises.

  • Even basic moves like lunges are, of course, more difficult while standing on the board.

  • Your balance and core strength will be tested!

  • All levels can handle this class.

  • Instructor teaches move by move and step by step, so you won’t feel lost or fall off the board.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧


  • First Timers: $25 per class.

  • Returners: $32 per class.

  • SURFSET offers packages that reduce the per class price and they also offer unlimited classes per week/month.

  • Private training available.



  • Instructors are very welcoming and helpful.

  • Minimal decor and space.

  • Music is either very low or not on.

  • Very bright.

  • Vibe feels more like an after-school activity space than a super trendy studio (which is not a bad thing depending on what you’re looking for!).

Classified Information

  • No showers, locker rooms, or lockers (cubbies available).

  • Studio is on the fourth floor of a walk up building (be prepared to walk up many flights of stairs).

  • Water cooler is available to fill up your water.

  • Pay attention to the instructor - they give important instructions about moving safely on the board.

  • SURFSET hosts rooftop classes at the Arlo Hotel in SoHo (love this) and actual surf lessons in Long Beach, NY.

Book Again?

Maybe! It’s definitely one of the more unique classes I’ve been to. The yoga class peaks my interest due to the unstable board.


SURFSET's Class Offerings

  • Newbie- 50 min signature surf class w/ a mix of strength and cardio for beginners/
  • Yoga - 50 min yoga class on the board.
  • Blend - 50 min signature surf class w/ a mix of strength and cardio. Step up from Newbie.
  • Burn - 50 min cardio-focused surf class.
  • Strength - 50 min strength-focused surf class.