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Switch Playground is a full body cardio and strength interval workout in a spacious studio set to a live DJ.


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  • Classpass: ✅


  • Fitness clothes + sneakers.

  • 60 min class.

  • Seven mins of yoga to start class.

  • 50 mins of 20-40 station intervals (depending on size of class).

  • Each group of two starts at the station number assigned to them (you’re assigned your number at random by the front desk, but you can request to be w a friend).

  • Stay at each station for two mins, sometimes doing one exercise the entire time or switching between two.

  • Stations are cardio, strength, or a mix. Think spinning, TRX moves, tricep dips, or kettlebell squats.

  • Three mins of cooldown.

Hard AF?!

  • Very challenging, but doable bc you never do one move for longer than two mins.

  • By the time that you get to the last few stations, your body is exhausted.

  • Exercises are not complicated, all levels can excel.

  • The instructors use hand signals to notify you what moves to do and for how long, so that takes getting used to (it’s not complicated).

  • Class flies by bc you’re moving around so much.

  • There is a live DJ, so that makes everything better.


Sweat Level: 💧💧💧💧


  • First Timers: $24.50 per class.

  • Returners: $35 per class.

  • Switch Playground offers packages that reduce the per class price and they also offer monthly unlimited classes.



  • Super clean and well-designed space.

  • Instructors are motivating, informative, inclusive.

  • The studio itself is large and spacious, with enough room for 40 stations.

  • Tons of different equipment.

  • With a live DJ playing, everyone is having fun.

Classified Information

  • Six showers, but even so, the line gets long. Build in shower buffer time.

  • One main instructor and a handful of helper instructors that work with a few stations at a time to guide you through exercises/fix form.

  • Locker rooms and lockers w automatic locks.

  • Studio is in the basement.

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Yes. Hooked.


Switch Playground's Class Offerings

  • Switch Group Class- 60 min standard HIIT class.