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SHAKTIBARRE’S signature class, SHAKTIBARRE, is a hybrid class between yoga, barre, + sculpt. The class moves through various yoga flows while incorporating small sculpting movements working your way through your entire body using light weights, pilates balls, & the barre.

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AK! Rope

AK! Rope is an energetic & exciting cardio and toning class focused on the jump rope.  Expect to do classic jump roping, while also using the rope for strength and toning moves in between jumping.

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The Ness - [sweat] sculpt

The Ness’ [sweat] sculpt class is a 50 min fast-paced toning and strengthening class that moves repetitively nonstop through various bodyweight exercises, sometimes using the equipment, like light dumbbells. The studio itself is a gorgeous and well-designed space.

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