The Barre Code - TBC

Barre Code studio in Chicago.


Total Body Conditioning (TBC): A 50-min bootcamp style class that has you sprinting against the clock as you lift heavier weights, work through resistance and bodyweight exercises. Each class is different, which is appealing and the price is spot on.


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  • Socks required. No sneakers.

  • Each class is different, including the props used during class (aka medicine ball, ankle weights, body bar etc.)

  • Typical class involves: a warm-up focused on stretches/light cardio, followed by a HIIT section (think high knees with ankle weights, shuffles, punches) with strength work (lunges, squats and presses with the body barre). Timed interval training may be used.

  • Class finished with a juicy stretch and cool down.


Hard AF?!

  • Expect to sweat, but I wouldn’t rely on this workout for a major sweat sesh, especially if you are in good shape.

  • You will get a full body workout; I was a little sore but not nearly as sore as a traditional barre or reformer class.

Sweat Rating: 💧💧💧


  • First Timers: $12 per class.

  • Returners: $22 per class.

  • Barre code offers packages and a few memberships *Prices vary by city.



  • Studios are super cute and well decorated, but bare boned.

  • Lockers and bathrooms, but no showers.

  • The music is current and not too loud.

  • The instructors are always smiley and positive…you will definitely feel a sense of camaraderie and “girl power” during class. 

Classified Information

  • This class is more intense them a barre class, but less than a traditional bootcamp class. We would take TBC for something moderately intense when too sore for a full-blown HIIT/bootcamp class.

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Barre Code Class Offerings

  • Barre Code- 50 min standard barre class.
  • Burn- 50 min barre class in a heated room.
  • Brawl – 50 min class combining cardio kickboxing with active recovery.
  • BarRestore – 50 min full-body workout combining isometric holds and heavy repetition.
  • TBC – 50 min bootcamp style class.