The Barre Code - Burn

Barre code studio in Chicago.


A 50 min low-intensity barre workout performed in a heated room that consists of small toning movements and isometric holds with lots of repetition, working muscles to fatigue.


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  • Yoga mat required (you can rent one).

  • This class involves standing at the barre and floorwork where you’ll do strong-but-subtle movements that works hard to reach places followed.

  • Most of the class is bodyweight, but sometimes equipment is used, like the semi-deflated rubber ball to put in between your thighs while doing barre work.

Hard AF?!

  • The room is heated, which takes this barre class to the next level.

  • Low-impact, low-intensity, but you will be sore in some weird places the next day.

  • Requires a commitment to see results.  

Sweat Rating: 💧💧💧


  • First Timers: $12 per class.

  • Returners: $22 per class.

  • Barre code offers packages and a few memberships *Prices vary by city.


Barre Code Lockers
  • Studios are super cute and well decorated, but bare boned.

  • Lockers and bathrooms, but no showers.

  • The instructors are always smiley and positive. 

Classified Information

  • This class is slightly more intense them a traditional barre class due to the heated room.

  • The heat is tolerable and you feel oh so much more flexible after class, making this an appealing alternative to the traditional barre class.

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Barre Code Class Offerings

  • Barre Code- 50 min standard barre class.
  • Burn- 50 min barre class in a heated room.
  • Brawl – 50 min class combining cardio kickboxing with active recovery.
  • BarRestore – 50 min full-body workout combining isometric holds and heavy repetition.
  • TBC – 50 min bootcamp style class.