The Class by Taryn Toomey

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The Class by Tayrn Toomey is a physical and mental high impact cardio workout set in a beautiful studio filled with art and crystals.


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  • Fitness clothes + bare feet or sneakers.

  • 65 mins.

  • You’ll be stationed at a mat in the studio.

  • The class starts w/ breath work and mindfulness.

  • Quickly, you’ll move to various cardio-based movements per song.

  • You’ll do each movement on repeat (longer than you’ll ever expect) for an entire song.

  • During each song, the instructor encourages you to be mindful and “feel” the moves.

  • Between each song, you’ll center yourself and breathe.

  • Example exercises: jumping jacks, burpees, skaters.

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Hard AF?!

  • Yeah! Doing an exercise nonstop for 3-4 mins straight is not easy.

  • The instructor wants you to be aware of your thoughts during these repetitive movements and start to think about why your mind goes to certain places.

  • Your heart rate will race.

  • Encouraged to “let go”. You’ll vocally sigh and let out noises while you move through the movements.

  • Def high impact- lots of jumping.

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Sweat Level: 💧💧💧


  • First Timers: N/A

  • Returners: $35 per class.$50 per Advanced class.

  • The Class offers packages that reduce the per class price.

  • The Class also offers donation-based classes.


  • Super pretty spa vibes.

  • You’ll feel like you’re in an art studio/spa/hotel.

  • Very welcoming staff and instructors.

  • Sage is burned before and after class.

  • Very meditative vibe.

  • Solid loud music during class do you don’t feel weird making noises.

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Classified Information

  • Studio is three flights up of a walk up building.

  • If your bare feet may hurt jumping around on a mat, wear sneakers. It’s about 50/50 for people wearing shoes or not.

  • Lockers w/ automatic locks.

  • No showers, but beautiful bathrooms.

Book Again?

Totally. Very intriguing class.


The Class' Class Offerings

  • The Class- 65 min signature class.
  • The Class Express - 45 min signature class.
  • The Class + Restore - 90 min half signature class half yoga/meditation.
  • The Class Cardio - 45 min cardio only-focused class.
  • The Class Advanced - 90 min more rigorous signature class.