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The Ness’ [sweat] bounce class is a 50 min fast-paced bounce class set on a mini trampoline. Halfway through class, expect to jump off the trampoline for arm toning exercises. The studio itself is a gorgeous and well-designed space.


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  • Fitness clothes + sneakers.

  • 50 mins.

  • The Ness provides trampolines and other equipment.

  • The typical class has you bouncing on the trampoline almost the entire 50 mins. Halfway through class, expect to jump off and do arm exercises for one song. It’s a much-appreciated break.

  • You’ll follow along with the instructor who will guide you through various bounce moves. Eventually, you’ll learn sequences that you’ll put together throughout the class to form a longer choreographed routine.

trampoline-the ness-bounce-tribeca

Hard AF?!

  • Difficult!  This is a cardio and lower body heavy class.

  • You’re pretty much moving nonstop for 50 mins.

  • Not only is the endurance part of class difficult, the bouncing technique takes practice. To do the proper bounce, you need to push off your entire foot, engage your core and legs/butt, and push off, while lifting off of the trampoline.

  • Of course, remembering routines is also a mental challenge.

  • After this class, you will feel SO GOOD. This is a RR Fav for sure.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧💧


  • First Timers: Email The Ness for more info.

  • Returners: $35 per class.

  • The Ness also offers packages that reduce the per class price.

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  • Studio, as a whole, is small, but beautiful.

  • The place has gorge mirrors lined up against the walls and killer products for “freshening up”.

  • On nice days, they open the windows and let the fresh air in.

  • Staff is super warm and friendly.

  • The class itself is intimate, so it feels like you’re working out w/ friends.

  • Def has a “regulars” vibe.

equipment-trampoline-bounce-the ness-nyc

Classified Information

  • Grab your own trampoline and set it up on top of a mat (the mats damper the noise).

  • The door into the studio opens up RIGHT into the workout space.

  • The studio is a bit hard to find once you enter the building. Just walk up two flights and you’ll see signs.

  • No showers or lockers. Just cubbies.

Book Again?

YES. A RR Fav. Not only a super quality and killer workout, but the studio is also gorge as well.


The Ness' Class Offerings

  • [sweat] sculpt- 50 min signature sculpt class.
  • [sweat] bounce - 50 min signature bounce class on the mini trampolines.
  • the duo- 30 min bounce + 30 min sculpt.
  • [bounce] advanced - 50 min advanced bounce class.
  • [bounce] essentials - 50 min basic bounce class.
  • [quickie] classes - 30 min classes of the above.