WundaBar Workout



WundaBar Workout is a moderately challenging pilates reformer class set on their unique WundaFormer. The class is perfect for all levels, especially beginners.


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  • Fitness clothes + bare feet/socks.

  • 45 mins.

  • First come, first serve to each reformer.

  • Each class is instructor-dependent, but the class will move through exercises for your entire body on the reformer.

  • Example equipment (other than than the WundaFormer): light weights, bands, blocks, and pilates balls.

  • Example moves: lunges, ab work, planks, “jumps” on the jump board (which was a new move for me).


Hard AF?!

  • Not very difficult.

  • Suitable for all levels.

  • Each move is done for a short amount of time, so you’re never really at burnout (but obviously depends on your fitness-level).

  • Enjoyable and low impact for those days when you don’t want to push it too hard.

  • Compared to SLT or [solidcore], this is a walk in the park.

Sweat Level: 💧

wundaformer-reformer-pilates-new york


  • First Timers: $20 per class.

  • Returners: $40 per class.

  • Packages and memberships are available to lower the "per class" price.


  • Cute, calming, clean studio.

  • Small - the reformers are about the only thing that fits in the studio.

  • Welcoming instructors.

  • Good music, but it’s not the focus.

jump board-reformer-wundabar-soho

Classified Information

  • If it’s your first time, the instructor will show you how to use the reformer.

  • A “jump” on the jump board is either sitting or laying down on the reformer’s chassis, while pushing yourself off the board. The board stands perpendicular to the reformer with your feet (see photo).

  • No showers or lockers, only cubbies.

  • There is a bathroom with freshening up products.  

Book Again?

Maybe, for a very low impact, low intensity workout option.


WundaBar's Class Offerings

  • WundaBar Workout- 45 min signature pilates class on the WundaFormer.
  • WundarBar Max- 45 min advanced pilates class on the WundaFormer. Requires no less than 15 WundaBar Workout classes.