Y7 - WeFlowHard Vinyasa Yoga



Y7 Yoga’s WeFlowHard Vinyasa Yoga class is a uniquely formatted yoga class that directs you to follow the instructor's guidance for the first rounds of flows, but then releases you on your own to do them at your own pace, all while mostly set to hip hop music. The class is in a dark room w/ a temperature that ranges between 80-90 degrees.


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  • Classpass: ✅


  • Fitness clothes + bare feet.

  • Bring your own mat. Y7 rents mats for $2 and skidless towels for $3.

  • 60 mins.

  • The studio room is set to 80-90 degrees using infrared heaters.

  • The class has three sections of flow and each flow itself has three sections. For each flow section: (i) the flow is taught slowly by the instructor first, (ii) then sped up (one breath, one move) - still directed by the instructor, and (iii) finally you’re free to move through the flow on your own for a few minutes.  

  • The above structure is done for each of the three flow sections.

  • The flows, themselves, are classic vinyasa flows.


Hard AF?!

  • Yes. Very hard bc you are literally dripping sweat. Your clothes will be soaked w/ sweat.

  • The yoga, itself, is interesting, but not super crazy difficult. The heat amps up the difficultly.

  • More on the fast-paced spectrum of yoga classes.

  • All levels.

Sweat Level: 💧💧💧💧💧

studio-heated-y7-entrance-new york


  • First Timers: $45 for three classes, including mat + skidless towel rentals.

  • Returners: $25 per class.

  • Packages and memberships are available to lower the "per class" price.



  • Y7’s mantra is all about the entire “tribe”. They focus on breaking down the barriers to yoga so that its available to all. Pretty cool.

  • Spacious & clean space.

  • Y7’s brand is based around mixing hip hop and yoga, so some of their yoga classes are set to only hip hop music, and some classes, like WeFlowHard are set mostly to hip hop music.

  • Large lobby to hang out in.

  • The studio itself is only candlelit w/ no mirrors. It’s pretty dark inside.

  • Welcoming staff and encouraging instructors.

  • Def has regulars.

  • Cool merch, great branding.

Classified Information

  • Mat spaces are first come first serve, but Y7 has markings on the floor directing where each mat should go, which is super lovely for Type A personalities (hi, me!).

  • For rental mats, take yours from the “Clean” mat section, and when done, add to the “Dirty” section.

  • Showers are at all locations except Meatpacking, Flatiron, and Union Square. AND you can reserve your shower time before class at the locations w/ showers (ooo!).

  • Lockers w/ automatic locks.

  • Freshening up stations at all locations, but tbh idk who wouldn’t shower immediately after a Y7 class (hello copious amounts of sweat).

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100% It’s a really cool heated yoga class. Love the vibes.


Y7's Class Offerings

  • WeFlowHard Vinyasa Yoga- 60 min signature vinyasa yoga. Available in 50 min Express format as well.
  • WeFlowHard Slow Burn Yoga- 60 min slower-paced, deeper yoga class. More gentle than the Vinyasa option.
  • Musically-themed classes are offered throughout the week too, like HipHop Wednesdays and Throwback classes.